Medium Hold Pomade

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This peppermint-scented, medium-hold pomade stays soft and reworkable throughout the day while being therapeutic for the scalp.

DIRECTIONS: Work a dime to nickel sized amount through wet or dry hair. If needed, apply additional product.


Discover the Perfect Hold With Silk Pomade

What's the opposite of unruly? Ruly? If that's the case, our Silk Pomade promises to render you totally ruly. Perfect for any style you're into – from sleek and sharp to casually tousled – LaBelle's medium hold pomade is all about flexibility and a hold that's got your back all day. And the scent? Think of a fresh peppermint vibe that wakes you up and keeps you feeling cool. Whether you're styling with damp or dry hair, Silk Pomade makes sure your look is locked in, but never locked up.

Featured Highlights

  • Peppermint Oil - Menthol is the main component in Peppermint Oil. Studies have found that menthol can increase blood flow in your scalp which impacts blood vessels. This can stimulate hair follicles depth for thicker and stronger hair. Peppermint also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with scalp health!
  • Vitamin A, C and E - So. Many. Vitamins. All of these vitamins help with many thighs such as strength, thickness, hydration, scalp health, elasticity and much more!
  • No Alcohol - Alcohol in hair products can cause your hair to become dry, brittle and break off. Drying out your skin which can lead to itchy, flaky and irritated skin. This prevents hair from growing back healthy and happy!
  • No Parabens - Parabens are in a lot of hair products. However many studies suggest that they can disrupt hormones in your body, increase the risk of cancer, affect birth outcomes, dry out your skin and even cause hair loss. That’s why LaBelle’s makes sure not to use them in our products!
  • No Sodium Chloride - Sodium Chloride in hair products will dry your skin and strip away the natural oils leading to unhealthy skin which then causes hair loss. Nothing that you want or are looking for!

A Medium-Hold Pomade With All the Benefits

Experience a grooming experience that sets the bar high. Our medium-hold pomade is your secret weapon for nailing that perfect look every single time. Let's break down what makes this pomade your hair's new best bud:

silk pomade
  • Versatility for Every Style: Got your hair wet from a shower and need a slick back? Or are you working with dry hair, aiming for a casually disheveled look? Either way, this medium hold pomade for men is your go-to. Its formula is perfected for any hair situation, letting you sculpt, shape and redefine your style without breaking a sweat.
  • Therapeutic Peppermint Scent: Beyond making you smell like you're the king of cool, the peppermint in our men's medium pomade soothes and calms your scalp. It's like a spa day for your head every morning, keeping you refreshed and your scalp irritation-free.
  • Reworkable to Match Your Pace: Life throws curveballs, and your hair should keep up. Whether you're changing outfits or shifting from work mode to a night-out attitude, our medium hold pomade's reworkable hold means your hair's always ready for a quick style switch-up without needing to reapply.
  • Crafted With Pride in the USA: Quality isn't just a buzzword for us; it's the backbone of our brand. Made by a family-owned company that puts craftsmanship at the forefront, each jar of LaBelle's Silk Pomade represents a legacy of American-made excellence in grooming.
Medium-Hold Pomade

Choose LaBelle's for Unmatched Hair & Beard Magic

Here at LaBelle's Hair Care, we get it – your hair and beard are the essence of your style and swagger. That's precisely why our lineup is specially formulated, turning routine grooming into an art form. Yes, there is a world where beard oils don't just nourish; they transform, and a men's pomade isn't just about hold; it's about versatility and expression. With each product masterfully blending science with a touch of wizardry, LaBelle's is here to ensure your grooming game is as unique and outstanding as you are.


LeBelle’s has been the best haircutting experience I’ve had... EVER. After the first cut, I booked every three weeks past the end of this year and halfway through next! Shop atmosphere is also on point.


Your Questions Answered about Silk Pomade

Let's jaw for a bit about our Silk Pomade to make sure you've got all the info you need to up your hair game. Naturally, you can always reach out to us if you want to know more.

Can Silk Pomade Be Used on All Hair Types?

Absotively. Our Silk Pomade is a champion of versatility. It's been designed and tested to work seamlessly across all hair types. Whether you're rocking fine, wavy hair or thick, curly locks, this pomade will help you sculpt your desired look with ease.

What Makes This Medium Hold Pomade Different From Others?

What sets Silk Pomade apart is its unique formulation that offers a medium hold without compromising on flexibility or reworkability. The refreshing peppermint scent is a bonus, offering a soothing experience for your scalp. It embodies the perfect blend of quality, performance and sensory pleasure, making it a proper grooming experience. Plus, our medium-hold pomade is made right here in the US, so that's pretty solid, too.

Is This Men's Medium Pomade Easy to Wash Out?

Yes, and we can't stress this enough. We've formulated our men's pomade (medium hold edition) with your convenience in mind. It rinses out effortlessly with just water, leaving no sticky residue or unwanted stiffness. So you get to enjoy the strong hold during the day and say goodbye just as easily when you hit the showers at night.

Upgrade Your 'Do with LaBelle's Silk PomadeGet Your Hands on the Ultimate Beard Cream

Kick your grooming routine into high gear with Silk Pomade from LaBelle Hair Care. Whether it's a difficult day at the office or a relaxing night on the town, Silk Pomade delivers style, comfort and quality, all in one sleek package. With its perfect hold, easy restyling and fresh peppermint scent, our medium-hold pomade is the choice for guys who want to look great without overcomplicating things. Shop now and see the difference for yourself!