Hair Clay for Men

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This wet clay is phenomenal for thin hair, helps thicken the hair to appear fuller, and provides a light to medium hold with a low sheen finish.

DIRECTIONS: Work into dry or damp hair. Blow-dry for extra volume and hold.

Sculpt a New Look With Our Hair Clay for Men

Hair clay for men has emerged as a game-changer in men's grooming, especially for those with fine or thin hair. Its unique formulation helps thicken the hair and provides a natural, effortless hold that lasts throughout the day. Whether applied to dry or damp hair, the ease of use is remarkable, and for those seeking extra volume, a quick blow-dry can amplify the effect. What sets our men's hair clay apart is its versatility, catering to various styles without compromising the hair's natural look and feel. For men looking to enhance their hairstyle with a product that's both effective and simple to use, LaBelle's hair styling clay is an unrivaled choice.

Featured Highlights

  • Beeswax - Helps lock in natural moisture in the hair without leaving a greasy residue, acting as a natural conditioner. It can help with itchy or irritated scalps, enhance hair growth, and can help with dandruff.
  • Bentonite Clay - This oil absorbent will help keep your follicles clean and clear, building healthy hair with strength and vitality and Giving your hair a thicker, more controlled look. Bentonite Clay also acts as a magnet helping to draw out toxins without stripping the hair, promoting healthy hair growth.
  • No Alcohol - Alcohol in hair products can cause your hair to become dry, brittle and break off. Drying out your skin which can lead to itchy, flaky and irritated skin.
  • No Parabens - Parabens are in a lot of hair products. However many studies suggest that they can disrupt hormones in your body, increase the risk of cancer, affect birth outcomes, dry out your skin and even cause hair loss. That’s why LaBelle’s makes sure not to use them in our products!
  • No Sodium Chloride - Sodium Chloride in hair products will dry your skin and strip away the natural oils leading to unhealthy skin which then causes hair loss. Nothing that you want or are looking for!

Styling Made Simple With Our Clay for Hair

Say buh-bye to complicated styling routines with LaBelle's clay for hair. This little jar of wonder is the perfect solution for any hair type and style, offering a grip that's just right - not too strong, not too light, but absolutely perfect. The finish? A subtle, understated matte that screams "effortlessly cool." Here's what makes our men's hair clay a must-have:

labelles clay
  • Simplicity in a Jar: No more complicated styling sessions. This matte clay for hair is a dream to apply, smoothly gliding through your mop. And styling? It's a breeze. Whether you're going for a slick back or a casual tousle, it shapes and styles with minimal effort.
  • Adapts to You: Your hair, your rules. Whether you have curly locks, straight strands, or anything in between, our men's clay hair product is your perfect match. It's formulated to complement any hair type and any style, providing the freedom to express your unique look.
  • Just the Right Hold: Strike the perfect balance between flexibility and firmness. Our hair styling clay provides a natural hold that keeps your style intact without stiffness. It's all about a comfortable hold that lasts all day, adapting to your dynamic lifestyle.
  • Understated Charm: For those who appreciate a subtle yet impactful look, the low-sheen finish of our hair clay adds a touch of sophistication to your style, creating a dapper, polished finish.
  • Everyday Magic: Turn every day into a great hair day. This hair clay for men isn't just for special occasions; it's for every moment you want to stand out. Its ease of use and versatile styling options make it the go-to product for turning heads no matter where you are.
  • Hair Health Hero: Because it's packed with nourishing ingredients, our styling clay is a real treat for your hair.

From protection against environmental stressors to maintaining hair health, LaBelle's Hair Clay for Men is your do's new best friend.

labelles hair care clay

Why LaBelle's Is Your Best Choice for Hair & Beard Care

At LaBelle's Hair Care, we understand that your hair and beard are more than just physical features – they're a part of your identity. That's why we've crafted a line of products that bring out the best in both. Whether it's our nourishing beard oils or styling with a versatile men's hair paste, each product is a blend of science and artistry designed to give you a flawless look. Trust LaBelle's for a grooming experience that's as remarkable as the guy who's rocking the look.


LeBelle’s has been the best haircutting experience I’ve had... EVER. After the first cut, I booked every three weeks past the end of this year and halfway through next! Shop atmosphere is also on point.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Clay for Men

Want to know more about hair clay for men? Let's clear up some common questions:

What's the Secret to Perfect Hair Styling Clay Application?

It's simple! Work a small dab of hair-styling clay between your palms, then glide it through your hair. Damp or dry, your style is ready in seconds.

Can I Use This Matte Clay for Hair Styles That Are Longer?

Sure thing! Our matte clay for hair adds texture and control without stiffness. Plus, it's great for those who want to experiment with different longer styles, as it provides enough hold without weighing your hair down.

Is Washing out Men's Hair Clay a Hassle?

No stress! It washes out as easily as it styles. We understand the importance of a hassle-free washout, so our clay is made to effortlessly rinse off, leaving your hair feeling clean and residue-free.

Get the Look You Want With LaBelle's Hair Clay for Men

Whether you're aiming for a sharp, professional style for the office or a more relaxed vibe for the weekend, our hair clay for men has got you covered. It's your go-to for versatility and ease, making styling less of a chore and more of a creative moment. Spice up your style today with LaBelle's clay for hair. Got a beard? Keep it in line with our beard cream.